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Mauget Tree Care Products – Effective, Proprietary Formulations

Mauget products are effective against more than 50 kinds of insects and 40 fungal and bacterial diseases, as well as nutritional deficiencies, stresses and damage.

Mauget’s microinfusion application of tree-care chemicals works naturally with the tree and provides minimal risk to both the tree itself and to nearby people, animals and water systems.

Treating trees, often only once a year, with a microinfusion application of insecticides, fungicides, antibiotics, fertilizers or micronutrients can keep the tree looking beautiful and healthy, while drastically reducing the risk of losing the tree. Plus, treatments cost much less and are far less dangerous than having a dead or diseased tree removed.

Packaging Options

Individual Micro-Infusion Capsules
Pre-measured and completely enclosed for reduced risk of exposure. Clean chemical storage that can be counted on.

Liquid Loadables
Mauget’s time-proven chemistry in 500 ml and 1 L containers for use in the various liquid loadable microinjection devices available in today’s marketplace.


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