Why Mauget


The J.J. Mauget Company pioneered the micro-infusion process over 50 years ago and continues to research and improve both methods and products today.

Mauget products have been university-, field-, and USDA-tested against a wide variety of pests and problems. They effectively control some of the worst infestations plaguing our trees, including the Emerald Ash Borer and Hemlock Woolly Adelgid.

The Mauget application method is fully enclosed and presents minimal risk compared to other treatment methods. Products can be applied near environmentally sensitive arstep2_bgeas where sprays, soil drenches, and other application methods cannot.

The Mauget micro-infusion system works passively with the tree’s vascular system, which carries the chemicals throughout the crown and roots. And Mauget’s liquid loadable micro-injection products give you the flexibility to incorporate your preferred injection system into your service offerings. Immediately effective and providing long residual, many pests can be controlled with one treatment using minimal dosages.

Mauget provides you with tree care training and certification and quality products and delivery systems. Find many valuable and easily accessible references and materials online at www.mauget.com. A technical service helpline, 800-TREES Rx (800-873-3779), is available 24/7 to back you up and answer any questions you may have.

Choose Mauget and make tree healthcare a valuable and sustaining part of your landscaping business.

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