Tree Care Tips


Learn Tree Care Tips from Mauget’s Experts from Tree Fertilization, Tree Pruning and Mulching.

Spring Tips
Spring is a good time to check your trees for signs of severe frost damage, especially if you experienced a cold, harsh winter.

Summer Tips
Summer is a good time to recheck your trees for any signs or symptoms of unusual insect activity, as well as any suspected diseases that may be damaging leaves.

Fall Tips
Fall is a good time to closely examine your trees for any signs or symptoms of stress or weakened condition caused by insects, diseases or inadequate watering.

Fall Tree Fertilization
Tree fertilizing in autumn is a great way to promote healthy spring growth. Learn about tree fertilization, choosing the right fertilizer and the relationship between autumn tree care and customer satisfaction.

Winter Tree Care
Winter is ideal for pruning and removing trees, bracing trunks, doing appraisals and estimating spring projects.


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