Getting Started in Tree Care

The most common concern is, “tree care seems to make sense for my business, but I don’t know anything about trees.” That’s where we can help. With Mauget’s resources, you can quickly learn the basics about the most common trees in your area and the typical issues they face.

Then while you’re on customer properties, you’ll learn to look at the trees for signs of these issues, and talk to your customers about treatment. Once you experience successes, your confidence will grow, and you can add a few more at a time, learning as you go. The application methods are easy to use, environmentally friendly, and the results are fast.

J.J. Mauget Company is committed to the training and support of its customers in order to promote safe practices and their success in the business. Successfully adding tree care services to your existing lawn care business is possible for a minimal start-up cost in both time and equipment. To that end, we offer these tools and resources.

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