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About Mauget

J.J. Mauget Company has been protecting and treating trees around the world for more than 50 years. Committed to research, product improvement, and training to promote the safety and success of its customers, Mauget products and application methods are the most innovative and effective available today. Our patented micro-infusion system combines proven chemistries and a completely enclosed application method that has redefined the tree care industry: restoring, maintaining, and enhancing tree health while preserving the integrity of the environment. Mauget’s Liquid Loadable products give you the option to use Mauget’s proven chemistry in a variety of injection systems for greater flexibility when you need it.


Jim Mauget became interested in the potential for plant injection, an idea first documented by Leonardo da Vinci, after receiving an IV in the hospital. He founded the J.J. Mauget Company in 1958, and chemist Dale Dodds joined him a few years later. Since then, decades of development, pest study, university research, field trials, and technological improvements have led to Mauget’s patented application method and proprietary formulations.

Throughout our more than 50-year history, Mauget has focused on scientific testing and analysis and has shown an enduring commitment to quality and progress. Moving forward, Mauget continues to discover better technologies and develop more advanced chemistries and techniques for preventative and curative tree care. Professionals trust Mauget as the expert resource for effective, easy, lower risk ways to maintain beautiful, healthy trees.

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