Tree Care Is Profitable
And Easier Than You Think

With Mauget’s help, you and your crew can quickly learn about the most common trees in your area – what to look for, and how to treat most typical issues.

Why Add Tree Care?

Adds to Your Bottom Line

Tree care is a high margin service that can be performed at the same time as your routine maintenance tasks – no extra trips required!

Brings Value to Your Clients

Healthy trees enhance property values, benefit the environment, and provide energy-saving shade in the summer and wind protection in the winter.

Branch Out and Get Certified

Order Mauget's exclusive self-study certification course and start learning the basics of tree care - like how to identify and treat common tree problems and how to use our easy-to-apply tree injection products from the ground with just a few standard tools. Earn your applicator certificate and start taking your business to new heights, today..

Case Studies

Grow your business, profits and reputation with tree healthcare

Learn how other lawn and landscape professionals are succeeding with Mauget..

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Increase your profit flow with an easy, efficient new revenue stream

See how other professionals from across the country jump-started their business by adding tree care..

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